Engineering, Analyzing & Design


Engineering, Analyzing & Design

TAZ Engineering carries an excellent vision of concept development, mechanical design, analysis and optimization to the level of art.

TAZ supports concepts with the best offered CAE tools (HPC, solvers, design software, built-in and in-house optimization procedures, etc…)

These tools together with our proven competence in the fields of mechanical design and analysis will be used to achieve a developed, analyzed and optimized “turn-key solution”.

About 600-400



Taz Engineering shall support concepts with best offered simulation tools and our proven competence and knowledge in the fields of CFD, thermal management and strength in the aim of achieving an analyzed and optimized “turn-key solution”.


Taz Engineering shall support design to manufacture, detailed drawings preperation and cost reduction optimization concepts that match our extensive experience, proven competence and knowledge at achieving validated “turn-key solution”.

Cost Reduction

Taz Engineering shall support cost reduction by applying in-house and built-in optimization concepts integrated through the entire design and analysis process to match manufacture applicability, environmental and functionality conditions.


Kfar Saba, Israel

Under Construction

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